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Why our services
Information at your reach

for financial decisions.

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Cloud-Based bookkeeping

Accessibility, security, cost and time.

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More than 20 years of experience

Offering real solutions to bookkeeping & finances problems.

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Other Services

Startups. short projects, etc.

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Who we are
Bookkeeping On-Line firm

Specialized in offering Cloud-Based Bookkeeping solutions for small & medium business.


VictRi Consultants LLC

Is a firm of Outsourced Bookkeeping & Finance Services specialized in offering Cloud-Based Bookkeeping solutions for small & medium business, assisting you in an efficient and professional way to solve important problems on time.

With more than 20 years of experience with a variety of businesses and Non-Profit Organizations, we can quickly identify the weaknesses or areas of conflict to be solved through our professional services.

Our Mission

Is to build trust in our clients by providing excellence in services with a clear focus in solving important problems and real solutions.

Our Vision

Is to be the most reliable firm on-line for Small and Medium businesses.

Our Values

are Integrity, honesty, efficiency, reliability and extremally passionate about doing the right thing.


Why you need our services?
Information at your reach for financial decisions
More than 20 years of experience

You need our services if you want to be in the top of your competitors in the market.

The use of cloud technology can bring many benefits to your business, having all your company’s information updated at your reach at any time, so you can make decisions in order to generate value to your business.

With intelligence, integrity, and initiative, we dramatically improve your books and finances information allowing you to focus on the growth needed to impact your bottom line, every day.

Cloud–Based Bookkeeping

The benefits to your business are accessibility, security, cost and time.

Our Cloud-based bookkeeping solutions

Relies on share computing resources rather than a local server or personal computer. It allows you to use a remote server hosted on the internet to store and manage your books data, on this way this service brings flexibility to your company as applications, business data and files are held in secure data centers.

Whether you’re working from the office, home or abroad, cloud-based bookkeeping service enables you to access all business of your books data from anywhere with an internet connection. The benefits to your business are accessibility, security, cost and time. In few words “Cloud-Based bookkeeping solutions makes life easier for you.”

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Best Bookkeeping & Financial Services
Cloud-Based Solutions

Lower costs

Savings around 50% in cost of expensive hardware and software, IT requirements and power usage over the years.


Ability to access to your books from anywhere at any time on any device 90% more flexible than other options.


Greater security for your books information in 99% , since it won’t matter what happens to your hardware, files can be accessed ensure your private information.

Disaster recovery

storing data in the cloud means that all the information in your books are backed up as soon as they are changed and saved.

Online Ecosystem

QBO is a platform with an ecosystem of apps that can be assembled to build the perfect solution and the functionality that’s needed in almost 90% of the cases.

Bookkeeping & Consulting service options

Starting from $250.00 USD per month which includes:
One monthly meeting (1 hour)
Walk you through QBO for daily use in operations
Banking Feeds explanation & use for your daily Cash Flow
Expenses and Income categorization
Bank Reconciliations
Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Report
Statement of Activity by Class for Non-Profit
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Other Services

Set-up for On-line

Clean up

Forecast & Budget


Controller/Internal Control Advice

Temp. Restricted Grants Tracking

Services for your needs

Short project services. When you need somebody to update your Books, for temporary QB support, when you need training in bookkeeping, finances, internal control, etc.

Recurring Work. We can work daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Training One on One. You receive the training focus specifically in your needs.

Services Remotely. On this way our clients save time and money.

QBO Certified Proadvisor

TSheets Certified Proadvisor

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